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Monisha Chippada is an Australian - Telugu artist who works with moving images, photography and sculpture. Her practice is informed by intergenerational storytelling, sacred imagery and relationships. With a focus on empathy and empowerment through fluctuation between guardedness and vulnerability, her interest lies in documenting the experiences and narratives of minority voices from her realms. Through her mediums and installation methods she aims to disrupt the current accessibility of arts spaces.


Monisha has exhibited video and photographic installations in galleries across Australia - most notably her work Ilū at Firstdraft (2020), Granville Gallery (2021) & 4A Contemporary Gallery (2022). She has exhibited a sculptural work Cocoon at Woolmark in Hong Kong (2017) as a part of the HIF Cloud Scholarship program. Following her experience working in the Art Department for the film A Delicate Fire (2020) she has been directing commissioned short films and photography works.


Monisha holds a Bachelors of Design / Media (PR & Advertising) from UNSW and is currently studying a graduate diploma in Psychology at the University of  Technology Sydney.

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