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Along with standard generational translation issues, having faced alienation between family members due to upbringings in completely polar cultures is an experience that many members of diasporic community’s experience; experienced by both first and second generation members.


Ilū  attempts to explore and rectify these sentiments of alienation by representing a heart to heart conversation from parents to the children about the struggles and hurdles they experienced in order to provide better lives for their children.  Through the representation and mistranslation of these conversations in a mother tongue that is familiar yet murky for a second generation Australian-Indian who was previously embarrassed of her ethnic heritage, ilū explores the communicational barriers that emerge between generations that make the alienation felt between them apparent.


Through mutual experiences of alienation and mistreatment from the new home-land and a longing for the idea of what the motherland once was connection is found through loneliness.

Featuring Veera & Shobha Chippada.

Special thanks to Christine Zhang for filming dream sequences.

Shot on Burramattagal land.

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